Professional Speaker, Marta Fuchs is the author of two multigenerational memoirs. Conducting interviews with her brother Henry Fuchs of their extended family scattered around the world, she wrote Fragments of a Family: Remembering Hungary, the Holocaust, and Emigration to a New World in order to give their children a sense of connection and continuity to their family's roots and for them to feel empowered by the stories of compassion, courage, and survival of their ancestors.


Marta wrote Legacy of Rescue: A Daughter's Tribute in honor of what would have been her father's 100th birthday. He passed away in 2000 at nearly 89 years of age, sharing boundless compassion and joy of life with all who knew him.


​Marta once asked her father, "Why do you think you survived?" Without a moment's hesitation he answered, "So that I could have a daughter like you who would tell what happened."  It has been an honor to do so, Dad.

Morton and Marta Fuchs
Tokaj, 1950

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