Professional Speaker, Marta Fuchs was born in Hungary and escaped with her family to the U.S. in the wake of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. She holds a BA in Linguistics and a Masters of Library Science, both from UC Berkeley, a Masters in Clinical Psychology from JFK University, and is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (MFT22551)Marta is the author of two books, Fragments of A Family: Remembering Hungary, the Holocaust, and Emigration to a New World; and Legacy of Rescue: A Daughter's Tribute. 


For more than three decades, Marta has given over 300 dynamic and inspirational presentations and workshops, captivating audiences in churches, temples, professional and community groups, libraries, schools, city-wide programs, and conferences. She has also presented throughout the U.S. and in European Holocaust commemorations, sharing her family's stories and personal reflections as a second-generation Holocaust survivor. She has been featured on live television and radio programs.


In 2019, the Australian television series, "The Incredible Journey," featured the film adaption of Marta's book Legacy of Rescue: A Daughter's Tribute, entitled "The Soldier's Uniform." Both the TV version and the extended version with interviews are available on YouTube.

Some of Marta's popular presentations include:


•  The power of stories to connect us, build empathy, transform the way we think and act.


•  The remarkable heroism of Zoltán Kubinyi who saved his labor battalion including Marta’s father and was posthumously honored as a Righteous Gentile.


•  How knowing your family roots can forge a sense of connection, continuity, and  identity.


•  The universal experience of escape and immigration and their multigenerational impact on families.


•  How to effectively and appropriately use personal and family stories in the classroom.

Henry, Marta, and Morton Fuchs
Tokaj, 1991

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