"Marta Fuchs' scholarly research, field work, and passion for telling the honest stories which she's found, enable her to share in vibrant ways the lessons we all must understand if our tomorrows are to be better than our yesterdays. As she shares her research, she inspires her audience to value history for the understandings it suggests about our future. Her intelligent sense of humor allows her audience to enter difficult places in honest ways." 

~ Sam Cuddeback, III, Head of School, Drew School, San Francisco, CA


"Marta's story is a perfect example of what it means when someone says, change your story, change your life. It's a beautiful story of choosing a positive attitude in the face of catastrophic destruction and loss. She shares a compelling story stretching over three generations that every American should hear to appreciate the blessings of our freedom."

~ Barbara Sexton Smith, Compassionate Schools Project, Louisville, KY


"I have had the pleasure of hearing Marta Fuchs speak on two different occasions with two very different audiences. Marta is a dynamic speaker with an animated and warm style who engages the audience and makes Holocaust history vivid yet approachable. I highly recommend Marta to speak at venues for both adults and youth." 

~ Betty Bleicher, LCSW, Yom HaShoah Coordinator,Temple Beth Hillel, Richmond, CA


"Marta is an engaging speaker capable of lighting up a room with her family history. She brings enthusiasm and charisma to the task of sharing her father's uplifting tale of rescue. I would recommend her as a catalyst for building a foundation for conversation regarding courage, values, and personal narrative." 

~ Lisa Bostwick, MA, Artist & Educator


"Congregation Beth El in Berkeley, California, was privileged to have Marta Fuchs address our monthly book club. She spoke about her latest book, Legacy of Rescue, which deals with events in Hungary during World War II as they related to her family. It is a remarkable story, and Marta gave a riveting presentation. She is very well prepared with visual and printed materials and our group has indicated that Marta's was one of the best presentations in recent memory."

~ Barry Silverblatt, People of the Book coordinator, Beth El, Berkeley, CA


"Hearing Marta Fuchs speak provided me with a wonderful opportunity to be further educated on a subject I thought I was familiar with. The way she was able to put a personal, amiable spin on a subject so intense and often uncomfortable was a pleasure to experience." 

–Susan Paquin


"Marta Fuchs brings passion and excitement to her talks about her book, Legacy of Rescue, A Daughter's Tribute. The story of her father and his rescuer offers a unique opportunity to hear about people who acted with great courage and honor in the face of adversity. Hearing this unforgettable story invites listeners to reflect on their own abilities to take courageous and honorable stances. This is a story that opens a dialogue for important conversations, discussions and contemplation on how individuals go about doing good in this world." 

~ Barbara S. Lewis, MA, Life Coach, Retired Marriage and Family Therapist


"Marta's excitement and engaging personality create a first-hand narrative of how the Holocaust affected families, and one family in particular, throughout Europe in the aftermath of World War II. Despite the many horrors which her family confronted, Marta finds that love and humor can transcend tragedy. Her uplifting delivery and affinity for students of all ages builds a deep appreciation for those who answered the call for humanitarian decency in a time of unspeakable darkness." 

~ Jan Alff Wiegel


"Marta speaks with passion about her moving personal journey. Her story will touch the heart of every child and leave no educator dry-eyed." 

~ Debbie Abilock, MLS, consultant and co-founder of NoodleTools.


"I went to hear Marta Fuchs speak about her book Legacy of Rescue at my niece's high school. I was moved to hear a story that so resembled our own family's history of loss and rescue during World War II. Marta tells her story with an infectious, palpable love of life. She honors the man who saved her father as well as the brave and resilient qualities of her parents. Through personal tribute, Marta awakens our potential to heal and reinvent a warless world." 

~ Debra Wanner, MFA Dance, Multi-discipline choreographer, Feldenkrais Practitioner


"After Marta Fuchs had given a reading, and spoken to a room full of my friends, about her book, many asked me to arrange for another meeting. Legacy of Rescue is a powerful book, written so that the courage of one man, who gave his life so that the innocent would survive in very dark times, not be forgotten. Marta is a dynamic speaker who has made her father's story and that of his rescuer, her own story and that of her children. It is a story that should be heard by both young and old, Jew and Christian alike." 

~ Irene McPhail, MA, Retired Marriage & Family Therapist


"In her lively presentations, Marta Fuchs brings passion and energy to every group of our high school students. She brings concepts to life and every question they have matters to her." 

~ Tara Twedt, MA, Director, Herbst Learning Center, Drew School, San Francisco, CA


"Marta Fuchs is intensely personal in her presentation, bringing an amazing story to life!" 

~ Dr. Amy Rosenthal, MD


"Marta Fuchs is a dynamic speaker and knowledgeable author. I recently attended her talk after reading her book Legacy of Rescue. She narrated with emotion, bringing history alive in an experiential and genuine way. We, the audience of teachers, parents, and students, were transported to Hungary and beyond. We felt the spirit of survival, struggle, healing, and humor. Marta brought us through the time doorstep into her family's inner life circle through stories, photographs, and passionate delivery. She answered all questions with clarity, specificity, and warmth." 

~ Alexandra Blum, MFA, Art teacher and artist


"Marta is a warm, dynamic speaker who engages her audience immediately. Her enthusiasm for her work sparks interest and enthusiasm in her audience members. She has a wonderful way of making you feel you are a guest in her own home. She has a gift for creating an environment where audience members feel comfortable interacting, commenting and asking questions, even if the topic is a difficult subject for people to discuss." 
~ Celia Docto, Educator

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