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Marta Fuchs, MA,MFT

Dynamic Professional Speaker

Distinguished Psychotherapist 


Legacy of Rescue: A Daughter's Tribute 


Fragments of a Family: Remembering Hungary,

the Holocaust, and Emigration to a New World


"The Soldier's Uniform"


Work with Me

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  • The remarkable heroism of Zoltán Kubinyi who saved his labor battalion including Marta’s father and was posthumously honored as a Righteous Gentile

  • Book discussions about Legacy of Rescue: A Daughter's Tribute, including Study Guide

  • Sharing and discussing "The Soldier's Uniform" and the filming process in Hungary

  • ​The universal experience of escape and immigration and their multigenerational impact on families




         Press Release


Consultation & Psychotherapy:

  • The multigenerational impact of the Holocaust

  • Multi-cultural issues and immigration

  • Parenting and relationship concerns for Adult Children of Alcoholics

  • Life transitions

Blue to Cream Gradient

"Why do you think you survived?" Marta once asked her father. Without a moment's hesitation he answered,

"So that I could have a daughter like you who would tell what happened."

"The Soldier's Uniform"

Based on Legacy of Rescue: A Daughter's Tribute

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Betty Bleicher, LCSW, Yom HaShoah Coordinator,Temple Beth Hillel, Richmond, CA

"I have had the pleasure of hearing Marta Fuchs speak on two different occasions with two very different audiences. Marta is a dynamic speaker with an animated and warm style who engages the audience and makes Holocaust history vivid yet approachable. I highly recommend Marta to speak at venues for both adults and youth." 

Sam Cuddeback, III, Head of School, Ret., Drew School, San Francisco, CA

"Marta Fuchs' scholarly research, field work, and passion for telling the honest stories which she's found, enable her to share in vibrant ways the lessons we all must understand if our tomorrows are to be better than our yesterdays. As she shares her research, she inspires her audience to value history for the understandings it suggests about our future. Her intelligent sense of humor allows her audience to enter difficult places in honest ways." 

Alexandra Blum, MFA, Art teacher and artist

"Marta Fuchs is a dynamic speaker and knowledgeable author. I recently attended her talk after reading her book Legacy of Rescue. She narrated with emotion, bringing history alive in an experiential and genuine way. We, the audience of teachers, parents, and students, were transported to Hungary and beyond. We felt the spirit of survival, struggle, healing, and humor. Marta brought us through the time doorstep into her family's inner life circle through stories, photographs, and passionate delivery. She answered all questions with clarity, specificity, and warmth." 

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