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Professional Speaker, Marta Fuchs' articles have appeared in a variety of online & print publications:

Mom and Dad
Mom, Marta, and Hungary, Tokaj, HU

"Mourning My Mother Hasn’t Been Easy, But Not for the Reason You’d Expect"

       (Publication: Kveller)


"Can I mourn my survivor Mum?"

     (Publication: The Jewish Chronicle)"


Do I mourn for a mother who passed her scars on to me?"     

     (Publication: The Jewish News of Northern California)

"Hungarian Legacy: Holocaust, Revolution, and Irénke néni"

     (Publication: Made into America)

"Marta Fuchs Recounts Flight from Hungarian Revolution and How She Learned of the Righteous Gentile Who Saved Her Father" -

       (Article by Jewish Louisville of my World Affairs Council presentation)

"Fuchs Family: Grateful Survivors"

       (Publication: Made into America)

"Putting it in Perspective" by Marta Fuchs

"The Power of Personal Stories"

       (Publication: National Association of Independent Schools)

"Why I Could Write a Positive Holocaust Book"

       (Publication: The Huffington Post)

"How To Be a Hero In Someone's Life"

       (Publication: Focus on Women Magazine)


"Value your children for who they are, not who you need them to be"

        (Publication: New York Metro Parents)


"The Power of Stories"




      (Publication: Shelf Pleasure)


"Accidental Hero: Human Kindness in the Midst of Holocaust Horror"




       (Publication: Deseret News)

"I Thank Him For My Life" - The Incredible story of Zoltán Kubinyi (Hungarian)

 English version

       (Publication: Válasz)


"Always in my heart"

       (Publication: Poetica Magazine)


"Twice removed, but horrors never forgotten" by Noma Faingold, featuring Marta Fuchs 

       (Publication: The Jewish News of Northern California)


"Adventist Hero Saves Jews from Nazis"

       (Publication: Spectrum, Vol.26 (January 1997).)

"Sharing a Legacy of Rescue"

     (Publication: Oral History Society)

           (Also appeared in The Christian Century;

           Spectrum; Martyrdom & Resistance)


"In first person...Yellow star on bakery window generates frank talk on Holocaust"

      (Publication: The Jewish News of Northern California)


"The Past is in the Present"



       (Publication: The California Therapist)


"Generation To Generation: A Discussion With Children Of Jewish Holocaust Survivors"








        (Publication: Family Therapy)

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