Professional Speaker, Marta Fuchs' articles have appeared in a variety of online & print publications:


"Mourning My Mother Hasn’t Been Easy, But Not for the Reason You’d Expect"

"Mourning Mom and inherited scars" (New Zealand)

"A survivor’s daughter questions how to mourn her mother"

"How do I mourn?" (UK)


"Hungarian Legacy: Holocaust, Revolution, and Irénke néni"


"Marta Fuchs Recounts Flight from Hungarian Revolution and How She Learned of the Righteous Gentile Who Saved Her Father" -- article by Jewish Louisville of my World Affairs Council presentation


"Fuchs Family: Grateful Survivors" -- Featured in Made Into America: Immigrant Stories Archives


"Putting it in Perspective" - by Marta Fuchs



"The Power of Personal Stories" - Featured by National Association of Independent Schools


"Why I Could Write a Positive Holocaust Book" - Featured by Huffington Post


"How To Be a Hero In Someone's Life" - Featured by Focus On Women Magazine


“Value your children for who they are, not who you need them to be” - Featured by NY Metro Parents


Interview article: “Accidental hero: Human kindness in the midst of Holocaust horror” - Featured by Deseret News


Interview article: "I thank him for my life" - The incredible story of Zoltán Kubinyi (Hungarian) - Featured by Válasz (Click here for English Translation)


"Always in my heart" - Featured by Poetica Magazine

"Twice removed, but horrors not forgotten" by Noma Faingold -- Featured in

"Adventist Hero Saves Jews from Nazis" -- Featured in Spectrum, Vol.26 (January 1997).

"Sharing a Legacy of Rescue" -- Featured in The Christian Century (November 13, 1996)

"In first person…Yellow star on bakery window generates frank talk on Holocaust"

"The Past is in the Present" -- Featured in The California Therapist, March/April 1996


"Generation To Generation: A Discussion With Children Of Jewish Holocaust Survivors" -- Featured in Family Therapy: The Journal of the California Graduate School of Family Psychology, 1988, V.15:3, p271-284 (1988) 


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